Number Two, The Glue!

So, from my previous blog you’re possibly wondering about the glue, I’ll tell you.

*Cracks knuckles* Ok it all started in primary school. I never liked to play with the other children as you know, they’re all poo-poo heads. So I sat alone most time and it came to arts and crafts. Now with a Level 1 Diploma now it was just natural that I had an interest with that subject. *Clears throat* So, we were casually sitting at our brightly colored hexagon  desk with glue pots every where, roughly cut up paper, and as usual some other kids demanding all the best colored pencils Need to make sure that tree is extra blue and purple!. So using the good old Pritt Stick I had a big whiff of the glue to my surprise it smelled good, sweet and a little strange. The other kid looked at me like I was an alien and suddenly a devilish smirk washed over his face “Lick it, I dare ya!” he taunted. So me being me rarely backing down from a dare; my tongue licked over the glue stick and that moment is when I knew, I liked the taste of glue sticks.

So as years went by I grew a taste for all different types of glue, Like the tacky glue on an envelope, which was sort of encouraged by the very sweet taste and the fact it was okay to have in your mouth. When I was around 15 I was snooping around my grandmothers house I usually would do and behold, UHU! That brightly colored yellow stick of glory just looking at me and if it had a face it would have been winking at me. So I picked up the yellow stick and removed the cap.  Slowly I picked it up to my nose and took a very long inhale. Ohh my Lord above that was the best smelling glue ever.

So it was final, the best smelling glue to me will always be UHU. Not to say I’m a glue sniffer…In like the drug way but because I just like the smell…Don’t judge me!!! Well not too much anyhow. So yeah from being in that arts and crafts to snooping in my Grandmothers house I discovered my little love for the smell and taste for glue sticks. I don’t very much like the smell or taste of liquid glue just the solid form. But yeah just be careful when you snoop in your grandmothers house especially when looking the ottoman.

If you want to know what I found in the Ottoman, please come back … I’ll miss you…I need you! *Cries* Then tune in tomorrow or every 2 day’s to read more of my very strange little secrets and adventures! I hope you have a wonderful day or evening or which ever and I hope you had a good old read! 😀



I was actually as people describe. “The strange kid in the corner of the classroom eating glue and forcing my face to go red…Yeah I used to do that..I’m sure everyone has at one point…No..Just me…? Okay…


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