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Welcome To My First Blog!

Welcome To My First Blog!

Hello! So this is my first ever blog! How exciting! So the reason I’ve decided to do blogs is because of one of my best friends MC Studios! I’ve found that I highly enjoy writing and I think I might finally stick to this hobby. Unlike the crocheting, painting, swimming, daily walks … I think you get the message.  So anyway I want to really start off with something new and hopefully give you a good old laugh on the way. Maybe telling the odd story about my life…T-that’s if you’ve not clicked away by now…? Oh, you haven’t YAY! Thank you for staying with me and hopefully you’ll end up wanting to come back for more blogs…

So! I’m assuming you’re wondering and yes, I assumed the one thing that 2016/17 frowns on these days…Ok so why Queen Noodle I hear you ask?  *Presses ear against the monitor…’Oh that screen bright’…Rubs eye* Ah well it all started with a small YouTube video I had put up just…Just here … >  youtube.com/watch?v=Nku0OaP52Fo  I’m very basic with blogs hence why there isn’t the casual *(click here)* link instead of the long ass link posted. I’m sure I’ll ask Tom AKA MC Studios to be my senpai! *Kawaii mode activated* Also the link to his latest blog  I’ll post just… Just here!  https://mongscaststudios.wordpress.com/2017/03/23/virtual-reality-are-we-there-yet/ So please even if it means giving up on my blog go ahead and take a right good read on MC Studios page! It’s awesome also, ALSO! he has an amazing YouTube Channel youtube.com/user/xMongscastx He puts so much effort and time into his YouTube channel even with a job he has time to pump out awesome new videos and spend hours editing too. So go ahead and check it out 😀

Right! So more on the Queen Noodle name it started out as that little video and it eventually become more of a joke so I decided to create a small connection of wonderful and amazing friends who now become my Noodles. As natural order fell; I became the Queen…*clears throat* Well what do I say I did create my small bunch of followers Mwuhaha! But my friends mean the absolute world to me and they’ve shown me a much better life than I had before I met them.

So I grew up in a small town called Leicester, growing up I had no friends, I remember the exact day the 13+ years of bullying started and it all started with this one individual who I won’t name names *Eyes narrow* But I know who you are! But honestly I don’t think I’d change my past as it’s made me to the person I’ am today. Loving of all, but still on the other hand I still enjoy the odd lick of the glue stick  but I’m also very sensitive which I feel I need to really change.

Right the glue stick comment, should I really tell that story in this blog or make you wait until the next one…? Yeah…I will actually. So if you want to hear the story about the glue…(Not drug related so don’t feel horrified!) You need to keep checking back. I’ll be posting around every 2 days My XBOX One broke so I can’t play online so I might as well do something until that fixes! Right! so I hope you enjoy my introductory blog and hopefully you’ll stick around!