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Does God exist

Writing for the sake of writing. (This took me an hour to write from boredom Yall’ better read this even it’s something you read whilst you poop ^_^ )

Does God actually exist?

That question has been flicked around many, many times all to different people of different ages and backgrounds.

There are many versions of ‘God’ for many different people. 
That being:-
Jesus Christ/Yahweh
Krishna / Vishnu

And many, many more.

But in order to get to the base of the question we need to strip it down to the minimal.

The Big Bang Theory, no not the TV show but the real one.

The Big Bang is such an intense and intricate design all the planets and all the stars suddenly finding a way to revolve around each other without colliding and be in an order that is so perfect it actually was able to bring life onto earth. Even scientist struggle to even provide any explanation on how “A bunch of rocks in space smashed together at great speed and heat created something so perfect” How can it be scientifically explained if not by the planned work of someone of greatness and perfection himself? Someone created or something not of this universe crafted this world so perfectly. It may sound funny being described like how I have done but many people have many theories but still no scientific explanation could create an answer on something so masterfully planned.

Evolution is a huge scientific discovery that’s been researched for thousands of years from being a single cell organism and through time being something with fins, then legs, then fur, wings, feathers then so on and so on. But what isn’t yet fully understood is through out the years cavemen worked together in order to survive and hunt down bigger animals in a group together for it’s meat or it’s fur. It was natural the idea of working together in order to proceed and continue life was something that was automatically given. Then how did they come up with the idea of morals, what’s right and what’s wrong? That good things were rewarded and bad things were punished? It wasn’t just automatically a thing that people decided over night it was something that was introduced the idea of morals was and understanding of bad from good was given then shared. But by who?

Then what about our consciousness? No one knows what consciousness actually is. It’s something that is purely mental and in our own heads and not in a psychical part of our body. We can’t touch it, smell it, taste it, hear it or see it but we are living it. Is consciousness our soul? the thing that drives this bag of muscle and bones. Nobody truly understands it and I don’t think it’s something that could be explained.

People have all different views of God. I personally believe there is a God ad there is a heaven which is a different level of consciousness from what we are on now on a universal scale where when we die we are in a realm of where we meet the other souls or consciousness’s of our loved ones and in a realm where God is visible to us. This is heaven were all is perfect and we feel no pain or suffer no illnesses because our souls don’t but our bodies do. Our souls are free in heaven. I also believe that hell is earth and our souls are trapped in these shells we call our bodies to endure pain, suffering and illness because we were all born sinners then when we have lived a good life our souls go to heaven to be free of that pain and suffering we had to endure on earth was was our punishment. I believe if you’ve lived a bad life where you’ve caused pain and hurt you’ll be trapped for another life in hell (Earth) where you’ll keep going back too the more you live a bad life but the next life is a life you’ll endure more difficulties.

I do believe that also when the bible was written people had taken parts out they didn’t like and formed it into a book they think is how it should have been; naming it different things.Then making an entirely new God to follow and new religions were born from the contorted Bible and how many other different people construed it and contorted it to make it how they wanted it. But it all comes down to one thing that God is only one being but people have placed many different masks on him and decided to follow that form of the Lord they think is the right one to follow. When you can name him Allah, Buddha, Vishnu or which ever but you’re praying to the same being.

But if I’am wrong and there is no God then I can say that I’ve lived a good life, doing my best making people happy then that’s it over and done with. But what if I’m correct? What if when we do finally die we do go to heaven and live the rest of eternity in heaven? But I’d much rather live my life believing there is something much more than a miserable, sad, lonely and painful life and I do get to see my loved ones again; than believing that there isn’t anything else after living a sad, painful and horrible life.

Put it this way would you rather run a 100 mile marathon where occasionally you get sick, you see people you love and care about slowly drop from the race, you get injured and hurt knowing* there is something greater and you get to see the people who dropped out again at the end. Then having a peaceful rest after(*Knowing = is your own belief) Or would you rather run that 100 mile marathon, getting sick, hurt, watching people dropping out, or getting injured believing that when you’ve run it that’s it you run again but next time you have more things in your way, you get more misfortune, pain and hurt or once you’ve ran that’s it you’ve ran for nothing and it’s just an endless black void for the rest of eternity? I’d much rather run the marathon believing that at the end is something better and I’ve not ran it for nothing and people I loved and cared about during the run didn’t run for nothing either.

But heck if you don’t believe and it turns out there is a God. I just truly hope that the next life he sends you down to, you make the most of it and do things better. But if you don’t believe and I’m wrong then I’m wrong there isn’t anything else. What is the point of life? What’s the point of sticking by the rules? Most of us stick by the rules because of the little unknown thing that was given to us that tells us, what’s right and what’s wrong that for some reason we feel compelled to stick by.

Numer Three, The Mystery!

Numer Three, The Mystery!

Hello welcome! I’m Queen Noodle, and if this blog is the first one you discover then feel free to check my first two before you get started. 🙂

So as I was snooping around my grandmothers house I had wondered into her bedroom. Where at the end of the double bed sat a nice storage ottoman. So me being the average glue eating kid I lifted up the heavy lid and wow… Just wow… This was … Where my grandmother kept her table clothes.

You’d think I would have stopped there with disappointment of just finding a whole load of cream colored stained  tables clothes but oh no… Not me… This time curiosity killed the cat… Like… Seriously. So I dug my hand deeper into the folds of fabric and felt paper. “Oh what is it!?” I pulled out a magazine and  a whole wave of confusion crossed my mind.

Expecting it to be a Beano comic book I’d usually find lying around this… This was something else.  So I flicked through the pages of this magazine and with a face of pure confusion I couldn’t help but read on. One of the biggest questions I had in mind was “Why does she have her moo-moo out?” Being young and innocent I had no idea what it meant. So I wondered into the bathroom and had my wee-wee which was the reason I went up stairs in the first place. But I’m easily distracted.

So sitting on the toilet reading this magazine I noticed I had some rather interesting questions. For one, “Why is this lady touching the man’s winky…” or  “How is she even doing that!” So after exploring the odd images I left the bathroom and put it back in the ottoman and pretend I never saw anything. So a week past and it was the weekend and everyone was at my grandmothers. So I found my opportunity to do more snooping.

I went back to the Ottoman and lifted up the lid and felt around for it. Aha! I found  it again! I gripped the magazine and pushed it under my top  and tucked my top into my trousers. I knew mother was in the bathroom so I waited for her to go down then I walked from my grandmothers bedroom and walking down to the bathroom my uncle had been waiting for the bathroom to vacate. So I panicked and grabbed the magazine and ran into the spare room and sat on it.

“What are you doing!?” I heard my uncle! Oh no … I was in trouble. I know it … My uncle being a big bloke with blonde curly hair came stomping in. Me and my uncle often clashed and he picked on me a little because I was a “Wimp” in his eyes. Although undoubtedly he loved me but liked to taunt me a lot.  So sitting still on top of my little new found magazine he looked at me “Get up!” he demanded. I shook my head… Oh no!, Ohhh nooo! oh no, oh, no! I could feel it I could feel that moment if pure terror approaching as he  then stopped and said “STAND UP!”

So.. Standing up he looked at the crumpled magazine that hid under my bum and grabbed it rolling it up into a tube. Ohh dear. “You shouldn’t have that!” Oh … I know … But still my uncle took the magazine and left to go downstairs saying them words every kid hates and dreads… “I’m telling your mum…” NOO!!! I dreaded coming downstairs. I went to the bathroom and waited and until … “GET DOWN HERE!” my uncle shouted. I quickly left the bathroom and I sneaked   downstairs.

Going into the living room I was grated by giggled and smiles. I was confused on why. My mother called me over and sat me on her lap. I was embarrassed what kid wouldn’t be?  Being caught looking at men and woman touching each other’s winkys and moo-moos My mother explained why I should read the magazines and I shouldn’t snoop in future.

But did that stop me? …

… Oh hell no it didn’t

Right well I hope you enjoyed reading my little embarrassing moment and I’d be happy to tell you more in the future.

Maybe I’d tell you about what made me run off and cry in the middle of P.E Or the time I tried to convince my teacher I was a vampire. Or maybe even the time the teacher made me eat of the bin. Who knows what things will thought up for my next post but either way my whole life of embarrassing things will be here and upcoming in future to either make you laugh or just down right cringe…